Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi (CPSCM) LOGO

Momenshahi Cantonment, Mymensingh
College Code : 7270 | School Code : 7759 | EIIN : 111925

Lieutenant Colonel Shameem Ahmed, psc, ASC

CPSCM is committed to provide a safe and intellectually cohesive environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners with the exemplary morale values. We envisage following objectives:

* Fostering Knowledge Creation

* Upholding Human Values

* Promoting Sustainable Development

Liberation war, culture and heritage of Bangladesh, Ethical value addition are the beacons of this institution delineating Government’s vision. We persistently focus to build a resource hub for future generation emphasizing on:

* Disciplined, self-aware, upright students – asset for the nation 

* Activity driven Curricular and Co-curricular lessons – knowledge backed leadership in the making

* Quality education, exam hall discipline, studentship foundation specializes in   English– propagated through all levels/ classes

* Carrier building, competitive growth, innovative and progressive teaching – ‘Trinity’   among teacher, student and parent

* Ecstatic Campus life – ‘Say No to Drugs, Abusive conduct and disrespectful act’ ,   socialization and learning through enjoyment

Our boys and girls are disciplined, creative, imaginative, inquisitive, courteous and ethical. We encourage to self-growth; consequently, to instill confidence of a responsible citizen with diversified capacity.

I reckon, our students will definitely be able to mark their potentials by representing CPSCM in multisectoral fields like cracking Cadet College entrance and Armed Forces, National and International Universities, Medical and Engineering Universities. I wish to contribute our country by continue producing these building blocks who are real gem of a person. May Allah help us.

Lieutenant Colonel Shameem Ahmed, psc, ASC
Cantonment Public School and College Momenshahi

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